27 feb 2024 - version 5.5

Very happy to say we've added the full Korean translation! Thank you HongKali Shaman.

2 okt 2023 - version 5.4.4

- Layout bug fixed on Kin Picker page for iPhones with smaller height than 812 pixels.

7 sep 2023 - version 5.4.3

- Added GAP indicators where Kin Number is displayed.
- Fixed bug when displaying contact detail with birthday on Day Out Of TIme. That bug is gone and will not come back. Thanks for reporting dear users.

16 may 2023 - version 5.4.2

- - added Psi Chrono! On calender page (moon view) and the contact details page.

23 jan 2023 - version 5.4.1

- Bug fix: all sharing reading images now show the app language.

19 jan 2023 - version 5.4

- Added Go-To-Today button on the calender tab! Long overdue, you might think, I think so too ;)
- Added Weekdays in Mini Moon on calendar tab
- Tzolkin image on calendar tab updates the mini tzolkin.
- Minor fixes and maintenance tweaks

19 okt 2022 - version 5.3.1

- fixed bug in Search Note layout page.
- Minor tweaks and enhancements.

21 aug 2022 - version 5.3

- Better Caste Destiny reading page with years of occurrence. Added popover to show big Castle Destiny Wavespell.
- Added contacts to all Tone and Seal info pages.
- Added next and previous buttons in Wavespell view.
- Fixed scrolling to the bottom on Contacts Reading page.

17 jul 2022 - version 5.2.1

- Minor fixes and maintenance.

11 jan 2022 - version 5.2

- Minor fixes and maintenance
- Better translations for all languages
- Keeping the happy flow

22 Jul 2021 - version 5.1

- Better layout on smaller screens.
- Added Turkish translation of the information section!
- This update marks the return of the share button on the main calendar page.
- Overall better stability and performance.

23 May 2021 - version 5.0

- Added Turkish localisation! Thanks to the great work of Sıdıka Benan Çelikel.
- High resolution graphics for all tones and seals on all devices.
- Fixed bug in Contacts kin calculator.
- Please note: This update is not recommended for users with an iPhone SE.

12 April 2020 - version 4.1

In this version a complete new and fantastic German translation! The Book of Kin has been reviewed to better reflect the original meaning and the info section is now fully translated in German. All the work of the amazing Reinhard Schröder.

- This app does not support Dark Mode (yet). But things will look normal again if you use your device in Dark Mode.
- Many under the hood fixes and improvements.
- Swipe up and down on the 13 tiny moons to go to previous or next Moon.
- Tone and Seal information on Contacts detail page and Kin Picker. Tap on the Tone or Seal in the Power, Action, Essence display.

12 September 2019 - version 4.0.4

Some nice enhancements in this update:
- Wheels of seals and tones (on Kin Picker page) are now interactive. Tap on a segment to select.
- You can now delete any Kin in the list of the Combined Kin Calculator. Tap and hold to show delete button.
- All seal info pages have been reviewed. Added text and destiny oracle information.
- Updated contact detail page. Destiny Oracle is interactive and will show all contacts that have a Guide, Analog, Occult or Antipode position.
- Many improvements that you won’t directly see in the app but in the code.
- Cleaned up App info section.

25 June 2019 - version 4.0.3

- There was a thing that caused the app to crash or otherwise misbehave when showing the Moon Month on the Calendar tab. That thing is gone now.
- Added information links in Info section.
- Inner tweaks for better performance.
- Now you can share 2 different images for simpler or more extended reading.
- Updated and corrected localisation and texts.

30 April 2019 - version 4.0.2

I found the bug that prevented all contacts to be imported and removed it (gently in open air). Now all contacts will be imported again, sorry for the inconvenience.

19 April 2019 - version 4.0.1

Version 4.0.1 adds stability and localisation improvements.

14 April 2019 - version 4.0

Dear users, I am so happy to finally present this update to you all. It includes many new features and design tweaks. The 2 most important changes are…… drumrolll …

# 1. Keep your personal notes in the app along the cycles!
# 2. Added links and teachers added to learn more about the cycles. Enjoy!

- Addition of personal notes! Now you can keep your personal notes on the 2 main cycles of the Mayan Calendar: the Tzolkin cycle of 260 days and the 13 Moon cycle of 365 days. You can keep a diary with memoirs, anecdotes, anniversaries, combined Kin calculations, special synchronicities, intense experiences or anything that is relevant for your synchronotron. And with the powerful text search function you quickly find your notes. This is a feature that you can buy to keep the code alive.
- Added a Maya Connection web! Now there is an extra section where you can learn more online and from trusted teachers and websites. You can visit their website or get in touch to learn more. This will grow over time onto a connected web of Galactivated people.
- New Castles and Wavespell view where you can zoom in and out in the 5*4*13=260 cycles. Tap on the Wavespell labels to show the Wavespell and its Castle displayed. Use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in or out. You can also swipe up and down to zoom.
- Added Time cells .. back again!
- Added insight into the positions of all Seals of the the Destiny Oracle. Tap to make bigger.
- Added manual app language setting! Finally you can choose, in the app, what language you want to use to sync along the cycles.
- Selection buttons that allow quick selection of Kin in the whole app. (The little arrow in the left bottom corner).

- Kin Picker control has been optimised and features added.
- Updated and corrected localisation and texts.
- Look and feel enhancements.
- Hope to have finally fixed the timezone issues for some users.

21 December 2017 - version 3.2.7

- added Italian localization! Benvenuto a tutte le persone che parlano italiano!
- minor tweaks and enhancements.

29 July 2017 - version 3.2.6

- Added Bulgarian and French translations! With a special thanks to Vasil from PAN Bulgaria, www.pan-bg.com.
Добре дошли всички хора, които могат да четат и говорят български!
Bienvenue a toutes les personnes qui lisent et parlent le français !

- Many many fixes in all other languages in the Book Of Kin.
- Added name of the year on Contact Details page.
- Finally fixed: time zone issue for people living in Aukland, New Zealand that made wrong Kin calculations! Please report to me if there are still any problems. info@1320sync.som.
- Added new section in the Contact overview on the Kin Picker where you can see, for every Galactic Signature, if it is a Combined Kin with any of your contacts.
And the usual tweaks and enhancements to make this app even better.

11 Januari 2017 - version 3.2.5

- Added search feature to the list of contacts.
- Easier to share a Maya reading from all pages.
- Overall better stability and performance.

6 July 2016 - version 3.2.4

We are delighted to add even more translations of the app!
- Japanese translations by the amazing Hiromi!

1 June 2016 - version 3.2.3

We are delighted to add even more translations of the app!
- Spanish (Info Section) translations by the wonderful Leah.
New: You can share a beautiful custom designed Galactic Signature Reading from the Calendar, Kin Picker and Contact Details pages! Try it, share it, sync it!

24 May 2016 - version 3.2.2

We are delighted to add even more translations of the app!
- Chinese (everything, yes everything) translated by the amazing Moon Heaven.
And the usual minor fixes and tweaks.

22 March 2016 - version 3.2.1

- added German translation of the Book Of Kin and UI.
- fix crash on iOS 7 when opening the settings.

5 Februari 2016 - version 3.2

- Very happy to announce the addition of the Russian and Portugese translations! With the great work of the syncronauts Тефлон Карбонов and Alberto Grolli they helped galactivating the world! Many thanks to them!
- Much better looking Info pages.
- In app settings.
- Added smart info to Combined Kin information on contacts Details Page.
- Better explanation Oracle Kin.
- Small tweaks and twakkas to make things better.

9 July 2015 - version 3.1

- better user guide
- fixed missing iPad icons
- better Tzolkin view

27 June 2015 - version 3.0

- Nothing is new, Just looks better.

01 March 2013 - version 2.1

- Fixed issue for some users on iOS 6 that prevented contact import. Please let me know if there is any trouble with contact import after this update.
- Removed date limit in calendar.

24 Januari 2013 - version 2.0

- Totally renewed information section.
- Full integration of the 13 Moon Calendar.
- Fixed bug that caused contact import with wrong birthdays caused by Facebook integration (see settings).
- Fixed bug made app crash when contact had no name.
- iOS 6 compatible.
- Added moon filter on Contacts page.
- Added buttons on Guide, Analog, Anitipode and Occult Seal images in Kin Picker.
- New today-indicator on Calendar Page.
- Better startup tutorial.

22 August 2012 - version 1.71

- On Contact Details page: When you send a reading to someone (e-mail), an image of the full reading is included in the mail.
- Hopefully fixed bug to prevent wrong calculations in New Zealand. Please let me know if this worked; info@1320sync.com.
- On Kin Calendar page: Tzolkinview always indicates the kin of today (white square).
- On Kin Picker page: When you tap the Guide, Analog, Challenge and Occult seal images it will change the seal accordingly. To reveal even more correlations.
- Minor improvements and enhancements..

23 April 2012 - version 1.7

- Contacts can be sorted on Name, Kin Number, Tone or Seal. Easyer to see you connections mapped out.
- Added tutorial video in User Guide.
- Added Startup Tips.
- Better overal performance.

7 Januari 2012 - version 1.62

- Spanish translation (thanks to SiriS Emanuel).
- Kin Tone and Seal power/action/essence on Kin Calendar Page.

15 November 2011 - version 1.6

- Added 21 dec 2012 countdown timer.
- Finally found and fixed startup bug!
- Added Kin Family details on Kin Calendar page. Tap the kin family to show more information.

3 Oktober 2011 - version 1.5

- Added 13 moon calendar everywhere a date is displayed.
- Sharing via facebook and twitter.
- Contacts now in seperate Tab.
- App is ready for translations. Read the "About" page for more information. Please help us!

9 August 2011 - version 1.4

- new App Icon
- bug fix

25 Februari 2011 - version 1.3

- full retina support

26 Januari 2011 - version 1.23

- expanded Contact Details page
- enhanced UI

5 Januari 2011 - version 1.22

- added Tzolkin and Wavespell
- more information

22 Oktober 2010 - version 1.2

- bugfixes
- better user interaction

1 Oktober 2010 - version 1.1

- added contact import

3 August 2010 - version 1.0

First release of the app.