27 feb 2024 - version 2.5

Very happy to say we've added the full Korean translation! Thank you HongKali Shaman.

10 nov 2023 - version 2.4.5

- Fixed color bug in navigation bar. Never mind, just looks better and you can read all text, even if you are not scrolling.

16 may 2023 - version 2.4.4

- added Psi Chrono indicator label.

23 jan 2023 - version 2.4.3

- Bug fix: all sharing reading images now show the app language.

18 jan 2023 - version 2.4.2

- Minor fixes and maintenance tweaks

25 aug 2022 - version 2.4.1

Maintenance update
- Many under the hood fixes and improvements.
- Added contacts to all Tone and Seal info pages.
- Added next and previous buttons in Wavespell view.

10 jan 2022 - version 2.4

- Minor fixes and maintenance
- Better translations for all languages
- Keeping the happy flow

8 Aug 2021 - version 2.3

- Added Turkish localisation! Thanks to the great work of Sıdıka Benan Çelikel.
- High resolution graphics for all tones and seals on all devices.
- Overall better stability and performance.

10 May 2020 - version 2.2

The whole information section is translated into Portuguese language! All the work done by the wonderful Flaviah.

11 April 2020 - version 2.1

In this version a complete new and fantastic German translation! The Book of Kin has been reviewed to better reflect the original meaning and the info section is now fully translated in German. All the work of the amazing Reinhard Schröder.

- This app does not support Dark Mode (yet). But things will look normal again if you use your device in Dark Mode.
- Many under the hood fixes and improvements.
- Swipe up and down on the 13 tiny moons to go to previous or next Moon.

17 Februari 2020 - version 2.0.1

- Fix to dismiss information pages for iOS 12 and before.
- Minor localisation fixes.

12 Februari 2020 - version 2.0

- Added lots of information about, and theory behind the cycles of time.
- Tap on the seals in the Kin Family or on the Tone and Seal in the Power/Action/Essence-display to show information and contacts with same seal.
- Swipe up or down on the 13 moon display to go to previous and next Moon respectively for quicker navigation.
- Overall better design, layout and interaction.

7 August 2019 - version 1.0

First release of the app.
This iPad app is a basic start to take all the good stuff from the successful iPhone version and make it available for iPad. It's a giant dashboard with all cycle sync tools to see and interact!